About Euterpe

About Euterpe

Mission Statement

EUTERPE, named after the Greek Muse of Music, is a well-established registered non-profit charity which brings LIVE, high calibre, interactive, fun, educational performances of classical, jazz and related musical styles to those who might not otherwise be exposed to these life-enhancing opportunities.
With a principal focus on children, these unique opportunities allow children to participate in the performances in a variety of fun, creative ways.
Most children today are not exposed to these musical genres, which are known to provide inestimable benefits to the developing brain. Euterpe’s inspirational experiences awaken young minds to the joy of this music leading children to want to hear more of this music, to play a musical instrument and to make music with others. Euterpe’s invaluable musical initiatives have been endorsed by the scientific community and have been enriching the lives of children and their communities for over a dozen years.

Euterpe musicians regularly provide live, high calibre, interactive, fun and educational performances of classical, jazz and related musical styles for children who might not otherwise be exposed to these enriching opportunities. It is well-documented that the vast majority of children in the public-school system, for example, are not exposed to these life-enhancing opportunities. Yet, these musical genres are known to provide multiple benefits for the young developing mind and are healing for people of all ages. No matter the demographic, children are engaged and excited by these experiences, and are inspired to want to play an instrument, to want to learn music and make music with others, and to hear more performances of these musical styles played at this level.

Euterpe musicians regularly collaborate with children and youth choirs to give young people the opportunity to perform with esteemed professionals. It’s the music-making that brings the lasting joy, no matter the demographic.

Euterpe musicians regularly perform in retirement homes and care facilities, bringing the joy of this music to individuals, many of whom, for a variety of reasons, are unable to attend live performances, especially of the calibre of the Euterpe performers.

Euterpe musicians provide concerts in needful communities. Live, shared musical opportunities bring people together giving lasting, joyous experiences.

Euterpe provides tickets to all Ensemble Vivant concerts in the nation to targeted groups of people of all ages, from all walks of life.

Euterpe Corporation collaborates with other charities, community out-reach programs, institutions and educational facilities.

Euterpe Musicians:

Euterpe’s flagship performance group is internationally acclaimed Ensemble Vivant, the core of which is:

  • Catherine Wilson, piano/artistic director;
  • Corey Gemmell, violin;
  • Norman Hathaway, viola;
  • Sybil Shanahan, cello;
  • Jim Vivian, bass.

Other leaders from the classical and jazz community include:

  • Don Thompson, O.C., vibes;
  • Kevin Turcotte, trumpet/flugelhorn;
  • Guido Basso, O.C., trumpet/flugelhorn;
  • Phil Seguin, trumpet, percussion;
  • Steve McDade, trumpet/flugelhorn;
  • Mike Murley, sax;
  • Perry White, sax;
  • Tara Davidson, sax;
  • Mary Katherine Finch, cello;
  • Ross McIntyre, bass;
  • Andrew Downing, bass;
  • Brian Barlow, drums;
  • Barry Elmes, drums.

Euterpe Makes a Difference. You Can Help.

The benefits of Euterpe’s initiatives for the young, developing mind are inestimable, and the multiple healing and other benefits for people of all ages are widely documented.

Music is the Key

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Charitable Registration #: 85231 1034 RR0001

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