The musical seeds planted by Euterpe musicians are tangibly evidenced by the joyous reactions of the children in the Euterpe DVD ‘Music is the Key’. 

These live performances inspire the children, many of them asking for the chance to play a musical instrument as a result, and all of them wanting to hear more and more of this kind of music.   The need is so immediate, that some of the children reach out and ask for help on the spot.  Such is the case with Ismael Paris, an 11 year old student at Knob Hill Public School in Scarborough, Ontario.  Following Euterpe’s concert, Ismael approached pianist Catherine Wilson and said “because of hearing you play the piano, I have to play the piano too, I just have to.”   Catherine asked Ismael if he had a piano at home, and if not, if his parents would be able to buy one or rent one for him. Ismael said that he did not have a piano and that his parents would not be able to buy or rent one for him.   Catherine gave Ismael her phone number.   Ismael began calling Catherine later that same afternoon.  Catherine promised him that she would try her best to find a piano for him.  He was intensely earnest, and his calls continued almost daily, wanting to know if a piano had been found.   Having planted the musical seeds, Euterpe was determined to give Ismael a chance.

Through the efforts and support of Euterpe and the support of  Vic Noziglia at Toronto Piano Group and Rob Barg, Vice President, Yamaha Canada Music Ltd., Ismael was presented with a keyboard for his own personal use on Sunday, September 23, 2012 at the Yamaha Music School.  That same day he had his first lesson at the Yamaha Music School.  His music and lessons are supported by Yamaha Canada Music.

When Ismael finished his first piano lesson, Euterpe President Norman Hathaway and founder/artistic director/pianist Catherine Wilson were there waiting for Ismael.   Catherine asked him how he liked his lesson, to which the boy replied, “It was awesome”.



Music is the Key

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